Privacy Policy

The Wayfarers Hiking Club collects and retains basic personal information on members, so that we can notify them of Club hikes and activities. This information includes name, address, email address, telephone number, information regarding previous hiking experience and training courses undertaken through the Club, and contact person data which we require for safety reasons and for use in an emergency. We are affiliated to Mountaineering Ireland and we share members’ data with them for insurance purposes and so that members can receive the Mountain Log newsletter. We do not share members’ data with any other third parties. We are committed to protecting your privacy and security and we do so through the use of a username and password as protective measures for all uses of our Club information domain, Wild Apricot. We will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to provide you with our services. We will review, and delete your personal information, when you have not renewed your membership for a period of three years. Under the General Data Protection Regulations, we will comply with requests from members regarding the information held on them by the Club. 

The Club makes use of social media as a promotional tool and, in particular, to continue to attract new members. A key component of our social media content is the inclusion of recent photographs of members enjoying themselves on Club hikes, at home and abroad. Members who take photographs that include members for posting on their personal social media, are expected to advise accordingly, so that individuals can ensure that they are not in the photograph. Members who take photographs that include include members for posting on the Wayfarers Private Member site are expected to advise accordingly, so that individuals can ensure that they are not in the photograph. Members who do not wish their photographs to appear on social media, should be vigilant when photographs are being taken and either absent themselves from the photographs or advise the photographers not to include them. Where a club member is not happy with an obviously personal photograph they can request the post be deleted.

Only Club members authorised by the Wayfarers Committee or the Club’s Web Team can post on the Club’s official social media platform. Any club member can post on the Wayfarers Private Members site subject to the terms above.